Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bead Color Styling: Beads & Bead Mixes Fashion Color Royal Lilac

Bead Terminology: Amethyst is the primary color in the beading world for purple.

Varying shades of amethyst come from adding different finishes like AB (aurora borealis), MAB (matte aka frosted with aurora borealis), linings like silver lining (round or square/rocaille), color lining can give this base color another tremendous amount of color variations.

Technically there is not a true purple in traditional glass bead making, but again new technology offers an amazing array of color shades along with some of the standards applications like dying.


Certain shades of beads are produced by a dying process or color lining and depending on bead manufacturer, country of origin and bead quality these finishes can fade quickly; so be sure to know your bead source and type BEFORE starting your project to ensure a long life for your bead art project! Semi-precious, and other gemstones are a different story.


Fashion colors are determined by color experts like Pantone and deemed the colors for the season such as Royal Lilac which you see in all areas of fashion & home decore.

Couture fashion designers and home decore fashion designers - often one in the same, use these color palettes in their designs. Designer typically offer information about the importance of the color in their designing, and or which colors they have chosen to accent their designs.

Take for example this seasons hottest color trend Purple which is one of Pantone's color picks for Fall / Winter 2008.

Zack Posen's color philosophy he shared on Pantone's color Royal Lilac combination of moody hues with vibrant street color. Prominent color combinations include:

        • Navy / Black
        • Ivory / Navy
        • Pinks / Greys / Shades of Lilac

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