Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Primary Colors for 2009 Spring / Summer

Pantone Color Blocks Spring Summer 2009 2009 Spring / Summer season are oh, so pretty:

Rose Dust & Slate Grey are two of this season neutral colors

Dark Citron & Vibrand Green truly capture the changes of Spring and naturally work well with the Spring Leaves Beads Mixes - but don't limit yourself to just these bead mixes

Salmon Pink & Lemon Yellow just scream Summer Fun! Several Bead Mix Color Palettes will be fun to work into your bead art jewelry designs!

Fuschia Red is so much more versatile than you might think; even when worked with color neutrals Rose Dust & Slate Grey

Lavender & Lucite Green - Lavender another color carried over from Fall/Winter, showing just how versatile it is working in the Lilac Bead Mix Color Palette

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