Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Bead & Button Beading Magazine Alternative & Free Issue Preview

BEADMAG In the interest of trying to get the most for the money - a habit I hope to last beyond the current economic conditions, I have been putting off renewing my subscription to Bead & Button magazine.

I am always inspired and amazed at the new beadwork, but due to the price, and that it's only issued six times a year - you would think for all the advertisements the magazine would be less expensive or at least issued more often.

I have been searching for a comparable publication and I quite impressed with what I found.

First the subscription level offering the best savings is the online version, called an iMag, which is around $15, and you can access all 15 issues currently available.

The Adobe Flash Flip-Book version takes a little getting used to and had a few minor glitches (or it could just be my computer), but honestly, for all that it has to offer you can't beat the price!

Second, the steps and instructions seem clearer to me, more step-by-step; with more specifics about the tools and specific beads needed for each project.

Additionally, they have very good reviews on bead stringing material, beading wire, and more, but you do have to go through each magazine.

The website also has what they call BeadTV and for $3.75 a month you can watch as many how-to instructional videos you like; probably cheaper for the yearly version.

Now maybe these videos are already on YouTube, but for this price and the time saved searching...I'll pay the $3.75.

You can try one issue out for FREE, but the videos get interrupted just as they are about to get into a technique.

Link will take you to Bead magazine and links to iMag and BeadTV.

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