Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Macrame Part of the Fashion's Arts & Crafts Movement NYTimes Fashion & Style

Apparently my grade school art teacher understood the history of Macrame as pointed out in this NYTimes article and taught us this fine art - I guess this tells my age because as we know art classes in public school is in itself history.

The pieces created were quite impressive, not basket hangers, or pot holders even bracelets, but elaborate bead and feather embellished wall hangings, and detailed wine bottle covers were what ended up being put on display at our local art museum in Montclair, NJ.

I kept up with the craft for a while and never did make a plant hanger.

So it's quite nice to see what's happening in fashion with this technique. Designers are making Macrame modern again by, from what  can see, going back to it's roots - detailed, ornamental knotting.

Combining mesh, chiffon, silk-cotton cording  into high-heeled sandals, dresses and vests. With designer's the likes of Jimmy-Choo commanding $2500 for a macrame clutch and macrame belts making it to the runway it looks like this trend will probably take off.

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