Friday, January 28, 2011

DIRECTIONS TREND FINDER: WHAT’S HOT Upcoming Trends Tassels & Colorful Beads

The Directs Trend Finder Reports are so on point with the trends in jewelry and accessories that will be worn with the current seasons fashions. Although a subscription website I was able to glean what they dish for free here.

As we all know beads are always in fashion but it’s always fun to see what and how they fit into Spring / Summer 2011 fashions.

Loving the following look long layers of strategically placed small and large monotone beads and the idea of embellishing the strands with a bead woven piece of bead art jewelry – stunning!

It looks like we will be seeing Tassle's everywhere! Just check out what Ann Taylor’s working this trend into their jewelry line. Tassles and beads are, at least in my mind, are almost synonymous so it will be fun to see what bead artists and bead art jewelry designers will do with this trend for Spring / Summer 2011.

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Will feathers stay on trend for Spring / Summer 2011?

The top two pictures are all Peacock feathers; I had no idea there was so much variety in this particular feather (feathers pictured available upon request).


Just curious,which of these trends will have the most influence on your designs this season?

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