Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bead Stylist: ColorSuckr Online Color Wheel

I discovered this tool which works like a color wheel, but for me it’s much easier, yet for others it may well be a nice compliment to the color wheel.

One of the most time consuming creative aspects of any bead art jewelry designing  is selecting complimentary colors.

And admittedly knowing the ‘technical’ bead colors can also be a challenge when first starting out.

I laugh now, but looking back when I first started out with beads and knowing absolutely nothin’ at the time and before my wonderful customers started educating me, I purchased the largest box of crayons available and if a bead color was close to the crayon color, well I would name the bead had a new name.

From a1 Bead Art Jewelry Supplies Bead Mix Collections I selected a Delica Bead Mix in Caribbean Blue which is a pretty basic extraction, but it will extract the most complex color combinations too.




It’s really quite simple you just need the url of the photo you would like to extract colors from.

Bead mixes are terrific to work with and one great thing I realized is that when you click on the link to show the color schemes (shown in above picture) you can actually use the schemes to create your own bead mixes.

The ColorSuckr tool will direct you to various websites that will let you use urls of their photo’s but remember you can use any photo url. You can easily create a url of an item by scanning or taking a photo and uploading it to Flickr or Picasa.

If you know of any other tool like this that you would like to share please leave a comment.

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