Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Spring Summer Colors from Pantone

I’ve been ignoring my blog posts for way to long and realized that the 2010 Fall / Winter colors are already out and I haven’t even posted Spring / Summer 2010. 

Trending fashion colors are so important in designing your bead art jewelry designs; especially if you want to go a bit more commercial.  Typically, the colors forecast by Pantone are the most prominent for the fashion Season – like where haven’t we seen Turquoise?

But it’s a really good idea to check the Pantone website often as they often have a color of the day or color of the month or some other color pallets which I’m sure will inspire you creatively!


Pantone-Spring-2010-Turquoise2 Pantone-Spring-2010-Turquoise

Turquoise 15-5519

Pantone-Spring-2010-Fusion-Coral-161543 Pantone-Spring-2010-Fusion-Coral-161543-3

Fusion Coral 15-1543

Pantone-Spring-2010-Eucalyptus-15-0513 Pantone-Spring-2010-Dried-Herb17-0627

Eucalyptus 15-0513

Dried Herb 17-0627

Pantone-Spring-2010-Violet-163320 Pantone-Spring-2010-Violet-163320-5

Violet 16-3320

Pantone-Spring-2010-Pink-Champagne-12-1107-2 Pantone-Spring-2010-Pink-Champagne-12-1107

Pink Champagne 12-1107

Pantone-Spring-2010-Tuscany-161219 Pantone-Spring-2010-Tuscany-161219-3

Tuscany 16-1219

Pantone-Spring-2010-Amparo-Blue-183945-3 Pantone-Spring-2010-Amparo-Blue-183945
Pantone-Spring-2010-Aurora-120642 Pantone-Spring-2010-Aurora-120642-2

Aurora 12-0652

Pantone-Spring-2010-Tomato-Puree-181661-3 Pantone-Spring-2010-Tomato-Puree-181661

Tomato Puree 18-1661


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