Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bead Stylist: BeadWork Magazine Bugle Beading

I just received my August / September 2010 issue of BeadWork beading magazine and there seems to be a theme around color in this issue; which always interests me so I will post about those articles later.

The book Bugle Bead Bonanza by Jamie Cloud Eakin, published by Lark Books, was mentioned and caught my attention because there really are just so few books available or dedicated to bugle beading.  Bugle beads are used to embellish fashions but are quite versatile due to their various sizes, textures and finishes; the colors can match/coordinate with just about any bead color you’re using whether you use Miyuki Japanese beads, TOHO Japanese beads and Czech glass seed beads – just try and get the same bead brand.

A search of one of my suppliers for just one brand, Miyuki Bugle beads returned over 200 results.

If you don’t have a favorite bead supplier for your bugle beads or are looking for or need to coordinate specific colors and finishes you can send an email to

Amazon is a great place to check reviews on the book Bugle Bead Bonanza; it’s also selling for less than the list price of $21.95 (the following is an affiliate link). 

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