Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bead Stylist: BeadWork Magazine My Beading Highlights

Here’s some of what I like in the current issue August / September issue of BeadWork magazine:

On page six under the W.O.R.D section I was impressed by a bead artist named Beth Moser of Williamsport PA for her creativity after being inspired by a dress she saw during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – after all beads and fashion that’s what it’s all about! I found a photo on her Etsy shop DesignsByBinah



Threading your beading needle won’t be such an issue anymore thanks to a great tip from Jacqueline Johnson of Dover, DE .  She has been beading for over 60 years and she has two great suggestions;

  • the first is to thread your beading needle with the end of the thread that’s coming off of the thread spool / bobbin and not the end you cut. 
  • the second part is something I never would have thought of which is to thread many beading needles at once, then when you need a new thread grab one needle, slide the other down and cut the length of the thread you need the other needles are there when you need them – what a great idea!

And of course there are so a few great beading projects in this issue of BeadWork magazine.

The color theme in this issue is what really caught my attention and I will be posting a summary of that information soon.

Hope you find this useful!

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