Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Belk Department Store Buying from Local Jewelry Designers

Several blog post ago I wrote about how, possibly, the changes in the economy are requiring that retail stores will need to set themselves apart and differentiate their offerings based on what many top fashion and jewelry designers have noticed about the consumer - they will buy, but it must be unique.

Then I came across an article on MarketWatch.com about Banana Republic opening up a concept jewelry store offering only 100 items per jewelry design.

Yesterday in a conversation with my sister who works at the  local Walmart, she told me about a ring she purchased from a guy that designs jewelry. She liked the ring he had on which started the conversation about his line of jewelry which he sells to Belk department stores.

She bought a sterling silver ring from him on the spot - well, he had his wares in his car, but still he was prepared to make to that sale regardless of the size.

I've asked her to get more information from him, apparently he's a regular at Walmart, because I really would like to know how a small town designer, selling from his car got into a major department store.

Stay tuned!