Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Are Boutique Retail Shops the Wave of The Future New York Times On The Runway Series Top Shop in NY

I've been out of touch for a bit this month - much to do.

Perhaps you've been able to keep abreast of some of the fashion articles, but for those like me who have been a little bit out of touch, this article I came across in the New York Times Fashion online edition gives continued insight into what direction designers, and retailers are expecting, or not expecting to have to deal with in the next 1-2 years as stated here:


Over the next year or two, the fashion industry will be significantly altered, as will coverage of the industry in glossy magazines and newspapers...

Clearly it will take many of the long standing department stores time to adjust, but for the more boutique minded stores they are truly in a sweet spot!


The Topshop folks get almost everything right. The atmosphere is fun and exciting (it makes minimalist Uniqlo up the street look anemic). Although the range of merchandise is quite broad, from adorable blouses and cool fleece pants to Kate Moss’s very cute line, you feel there’s a reason for everything—that the Topshop designers and merchandisers said no more than they said yes. And the prices are great, from high to low. I saw at least a dozen things I wanted to buy, most of them for under $150. What’s more, I liked being in the store—and when has anyone said that lately?

The theme keeps developing, do you see it?  A few of my previous posts highlight this theme over, and over and my take on it is that there will be a lot more boutique style stores opening even if some will be owned by major department stores.

And with all that said there should be lots, and lots of opportunity for the niche bead artist and jewelry designer - oh, what fun!

 Link to Top Shop Article              Link to Slide Show

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