Friday, February 27, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Spring / Summer 2009 Colors & Coordinating Bead Mixes Part 1

So many questions about what the Spring colors are for this year so although a bit more work has to been done I will focus this next week on what has been forecast for 2009 Colors in Fashion & Home Decore.

Pantone's Spring forecast is already at work in current fashion trends.

Pantone Color Blocks Spring Summer 2009


There are several bead mixes which work beautifully along side these colors forecast for the season. Some of these mixes are already listed at 

The bead mixes shown are just a sampling of how well they work with these Pantone colors.


Pantone Spring Summer Color 15-1626 Salmon Rose

6mm Fire Polished Bead Mix Flamenco 10o Miyuki Delica Bead Mix MelonBerry 8o Miyuki Triangle Bead Mix Flamenco 4x4 Miyuki Cube Bead Mix Spring Flowers  10o Miyuki Delica Bead Mix Flamenco

Pantone Spring Summer Color 18-2328 Fuchsia Red


More information to come!

All Beading Aside: New York Times Article New Brooklyn Culture Etsy Influenced?

Although I would love to talk crafting and beads all day, there are so many articles which influence what to say, and which also inspires creativity.

The new buzzword 'buy American made' may be taking off in a way that people may not take notice of, and hand crafted goods, whether it be soft goods, furniture and specific to this article food may be the way many people will find to regroup.

Don't forget the links at the end of the New York Times article Brooklyn's New Culinary Movement