Friday, January 28, 2011

DIRECTIONS TREND FINDER: WHAT’S HOT Upcoming Trends Tassels & Colorful Beads

The Directs Trend Finder Reports are so on point with the trends in jewelry and accessories that will be worn with the current seasons fashions. Although a subscription website I was able to glean what they dish for free here.

As we all know beads are always in fashion but it’s always fun to see what and how they fit into Spring / Summer 2011 fashions.

Loving the following look long layers of strategically placed small and large monotone beads and the idea of embellishing the strands with a bead woven piece of bead art jewelry – stunning!

It looks like we will be seeing Tassle's everywhere! Just check out what Ann Taylor’s working this trend into their jewelry line. Tassles and beads are, at least in my mind, are almost synonymous so it will be fun to see what bead artists and bead art jewelry designers will do with this trend for Spring / Summer 2011.

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Will feathers stay on trend for Spring / Summer 2011?

The top two pictures are all Peacock feathers; I had no idea there was so much variety in this particular feather (feathers pictured available upon request).


Just curious,which of these trends will have the most influence on your designs this season?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Bead Stylist: Michael O’Connor’s 2011 Jewelry Trend Report

Typically I like to look at the way fashion designers accessorize their designs to see if there is a particular trend surfacing in jewelry.

Other places to look are of course the fashion magazines, but television shopping channels really need to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in this area, and two of my favorites are HSN and QVC.

I came across this blog post on QVC from Michael O’Connor which gives a terrific overview of what’s happening this year in jewelry trends.

The following bullet points are taken directly from Michael’s blog post. Two of my favorites that I will be keeping an eye on are numbers one and four – I’m especially interested to see how bead artists develop these trends in their designs.

  1. The New Retro: All you need to do is take a look at the engagement ring of the future Queen of England to see that retro is returning – in a big way. In fact, it has been for years! Retro styles are romantically reminiscent of a kinder, gentler age of white gloves, hats and chic New York style cocktail parties. The new retro mixes yesterdays romance with today’s more casual style to create an elegant, but less fussy feel.  You’ll wow them at teatime or at a late theater date when you show up with ½ ct tw of dazzling diamonds sparkling from the heart shaped center of this necklace (J154726).
  2. Eclectic Naturals: Remember the childhood joy of collecting shells at the sea, or pressing autumn leaves between the pages of a book? Well designers haven’t forgotten the joy that nature brings. Nature themes and colors, as well as natural rustic fabrics were all over the runways this year.  As a result, some of today’s biggest jewelry designers like Robert Lee Morris, Barbara Bixby, Stephen Dweck, Orit and Or Paz are artistically interpreting nature’s shapes and incorporating its elements into jewelry. Mixed metals, crystals, rough gems, natural materials and organic shapes are popular.   Definitely inspired by nature, Stephen Dweck wistfully wraps the wrist in this textured branch-inspired 14K gold clad hinged cuff (J152596).
  3. World Inspired: Today we live in a mobile society with more people traveling than ever. As a result, today’s confident women are exposed a variety of worldly cultures and want that global feel in their wardrobe! Fashionistas are accessorizing that Italian or French fashion suit with something chic and native with ethnic or tribal influences. The mix says, “sophisticated”.   J155425 has oxidized sterling that gives the piece an old-world feel that is enhanced by the contrasting colors of a center oval turquoise cabochon, surrounded by red coral cabochons, all bezel set.
  4. Today’s Neutrals: While color has been hot on the runways, the balance being struck by designers is a new neutral. While black, white and gray will always be chic, runways today are treating us to muted mauves, pale palettes, shimmering pastels and smoky silver. Today’s new neutrals can be styled with other neutrals for a sophisticated monochromatic look or mixed with a variety of brighter colors for chic contrast.  It’s all about the movement with these faceted gemstone dangle earrings with 14K overlay (J153667).
  5. Dramatic and Bold: Whether it’s an impressive necklace, a bold bracelet or a dramatic ring, what gown would be complete without a statement piece! Be it big or bright with color, bolder statement pieces are sweeping stylists imaginations.  You’ve seen this look on the red carpet and in the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. Now it can be yours!   J155303 gives you drama with approximately 135 total carats of faceted cognac quartz and approximately 1/3 of a carat total weight in diamonds.