Monday, August 30, 2010

The Bead Stylist: Miyuki Tila Bead Order Delays

New Miyuki Tila Bead Color Updates as of October 20, 2011

  • Please refer to this supplier blog for updates and Pre-Order information on the newest bead colors released by Miyuki of the Tila beads in 30 new shades.
  • The new colors are beautiful and certainly worth the wait! 

Here’s some information regarding delays in shipments of Miyuki Tila Beads & DuraCoat orders from a1BeadsBeadArtJewelrySupplies :
New! Miyuki Japanese TILA Seed Beads a1 Bead Art Jewelry Supplies
New! Miyuki Japanese Tila Seed Beads 30 Colors
I was just informed that all Miyuki Duracoat & Tila bead orders were delayed due to not just an overwhelming demand, but also because Miyuki detected quality issues on the beads when they were well into production –  about 3-4 weeks.
Once the quality issues were resolved they had to restart production; as a result all promised delivery dates were not only extended 4 – 6 weeks, but quantities were limited in shipments to those authorized to sell Miyuki products here in the United States and who ultimately I purchase from.
I apologize for the delay but will say from the sample card I received the beads are BEAUTIFUL and worth the wait – BTW … expected ship dates from my supplier is around the last week in September.
Free Shipping was to end September 1, but due to not only the number of orders I’m receiving, but the delay from Miyuki the offer is extended until September 31, 2010.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bead Stylist: Black Friday ….

Let me explain.

Beads-Black-FridayIt’s certainly not your retail black Friday event – however, there are several BOGO deals available - but it’s about the colors I chose for the front page of my Artfire shop for the next few days or so.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been taking pictures of all of my beads – in a freak accident I deleted two of my major photo albums which caused panic to set in and so I haven’t been focusing on much of anything else but retaking pictures of beads - I’m not quite half-way there, but it is nice to see progress; and apparently people that are looking at the new pics have an opinion too as I’ve had more sales in two weeks on this selling venue Artfire than I’ve had I think since I started selling there.

Actually, I kind of felt a bit insulted, well more like embarrassed, I thought ‘were my pictures that bad people were looking at them and just passing them by…’ anyway, true to my nature no matter how difficult or challenging things may appear initially there’s ALWAYS something positive to gain from the experience.

I’m way behind schedule for what I thought I had planned to accomplish for this month of August, but

I sense a new plan forming.

Anyway, here’s to hoping you like my Artfire gallery front page – you’ll clearly see why I’m calling it Black Friday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Bead Stylist: BeadWork Magazine Bugle Beading

I just received my August / September 2010 issue of BeadWork beading magazine and there seems to be a theme around color in this issue; which always interests me so I will post about those articles later.

The book Bugle Bead Bonanza by Jamie Cloud Eakin, published by Lark Books, was mentioned and caught my attention because there really are just so few books available or dedicated to bugle beading.  Bugle beads are used to embellish fashions but are quite versatile due to their various sizes, textures and finishes; the colors can match/coordinate with just about any bead color you’re using whether you use Miyuki Japanese beads, TOHO Japanese beads and Czech glass seed beads – just try and get the same bead brand.

A search of one of my suppliers for just one brand, Miyuki Bugle beads returned over 200 results.

If you don’t have a favorite bead supplier for your bugle beads or are looking for or need to coordinate specific colors and finishes you can send an email to

Amazon is a great place to check reviews on the book Bugle Bead Bonanza; it’s also selling for less than the list price of $21.95 (the following is an affiliate link). 

The Bead Stylist: BeadWork Magazine My Beading Highlights

Here’s some of what I like in the current issue August / September issue of BeadWork magazine:

On page six under the W.O.R.D section I was impressed by a bead artist named Beth Moser of Williamsport PA for her creativity after being inspired by a dress she saw during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – after all beads and fashion that’s what it’s all about! I found a photo on her Etsy shop DesignsByBinah



Threading your beading needle won’t be such an issue anymore thanks to a great tip from Jacqueline Johnson of Dover, DE .  She has been beading for over 60 years and she has two great suggestions;

  • the first is to thread your beading needle with the end of the thread that’s coming off of the thread spool / bobbin and not the end you cut. 
  • the second part is something I never would have thought of which is to thread many beading needles at once, then when you need a new thread grab one needle, slide the other down and cut the length of the thread you need the other needles are there when you need them – what a great idea!

And of course there are so a few great beading projects in this issue of BeadWork magazine.

The color theme in this issue is what really caught my attention and I will be posting a summary of that information soon.

Hope you find this useful!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bead Stylist: Elle Magazine Fashion Trend Highlights ….

I just received my July 2010 issue of Elle magazine and Rihanna is on the cover modeling a Lanvin animal print trench coat (only $3990) – loving the trench even though it’s a tad out of my price range; but this is just one of the several animal print fashions she’s modeling in this issue.

EllePhotoRhianna010EL0710-FATDDepeche-03 006EL0710-FATDDepeche-04 003EL0710-FATDDepeche-06

So that’s one trend that’s still dominant probably for a few more seasons to come; here’s a link Accessory Trends: Leopard.

Of course beads are ALWAYS in fashion and bead embellishing is still in focus for the season - in all their variations.

A pair of black suede bell-bottom pants by fashion designer Emilio Pucci are embellished with beads, crystal rhinestones and feathers that are simply stunning – wish I had a picture to share (on page 43 in the July issue of Elle).

The additional photo’s above are a fringe beaded belt $1,410 and Swarovski Crystal embellished suede boot $1,295.

And the macrame dress, well this isn’t the ‘70 macrame people typically think of when the word is mentioned. Designers seem to be using macrame more and more in creating their designs; it’s only a matter of time before beads are added!

So why even bother highlighting such out-of-reach-priced fashions and accessories?

It’s always interesting to see how creative people gain inspiration from current fashion trends creating their own fashions and accessories while staying true to their artistic values – I’m envisioning a pair of hand-embellished suede boots that are ‘crazy’ and one-of-a-kind (OOAK) – can’t wait!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bead Stylist: Summer Time Beading Classes Starting Soon

Although I’m very excited and nervous about teaching these classes especially since I have absolutely no experience, so I put the word out to the experts bead artists that I follow on Facebook hoping for some direction on offering bead weaving classes to teenagers and was a bit surprised not to get any feedback or comments at all.

This made me really wonder what in the world am I getting myself into!

I did explain to the girls that teaching about beads and bead weaving is all new to me and that we’d be learning from each other and they seem ok with that.

Thank goodness they are a talented and exceptionally smart teenagers!

True to my nature in that I try not to let obstacles totally defeat me I decided that it would be a good idea to blog about the experience – who knows someone else may ask a question similar to mine and hopefully this will give them some frame of reference.

I may not be very experienced at teaching this stuff but my research skills and avid desire to learn as much about the beading world as possible I feel gives me a certain edge; for instance, one of the websites I will be using as a primer was one I happened on several years ago when I was looking around for an online tutorial to learn basic stitches.  Beads East was the only one that I could find out of all the tons of beading information on the internet that offered free animated lessons.

So I will stick with what worked then and is even better now because their website has improved and the tutorials are still free!

And too, recalling what my main challenges were starting out I figure that the first class or two will focus on how the variation in beads and bead types and bead color basics.

Understanding how to read patterns, especially if we are going to focus on bead weaving, is an extremely important skill to learn right from the start.

So I’m hoping to accomplish the following in the first two classes but in a very hands on way:


  • bead size, type, color
  • bead differences by making simple beaded projects like a peyote stitch ruler (I still have the one I made)
  • reading a basic bead pattern

My main online source of reference for learning the bead weaving stitches will be Beads East.

I’m still open for suggestions and comments, but at least I feel like I’m off to a good start! Here’s a picture of two of the girls that will be attending BeadClass1

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bead Stylist: ColorSuckr Online Color Wheel

I discovered this tool which works like a color wheel, but for me it’s much easier, yet for others it may well be a nice compliment to the color wheel.

One of the most time consuming creative aspects of any bead art jewelry designing  is selecting complimentary colors.

And admittedly knowing the ‘technical’ bead colors can also be a challenge when first starting out.

I laugh now, but looking back when I first started out with beads and knowing absolutely nothin’ at the time and before my wonderful customers started educating me, I purchased the largest box of crayons available and if a bead color was close to the crayon color, well I would name the bead had a new name.

From a1 Bead Art Jewelry Supplies Bead Mix Collections I selected a Delica Bead Mix in Caribbean Blue which is a pretty basic extraction, but it will extract the most complex color combinations too.




It’s really quite simple you just need the url of the photo you would like to extract colors from.

Bead mixes are terrific to work with and one great thing I realized is that when you click on the link to show the color schemes (shown in above picture) you can actually use the schemes to create your own bead mixes.

The ColorSuckr tool will direct you to various websites that will let you use urls of their photo’s but remember you can use any photo url. You can easily create a url of an item by scanning or taking a photo and uploading it to Flickr or Picasa.

If you know of any other tool like this that you would like to share please leave a comment.

2010 Spring Summer Colors from Pantone

I’ve been ignoring my blog posts for way to long and realized that the 2010 Fall / Winter colors are already out and I haven’t even posted Spring / Summer 2010. 

Trending fashion colors are so important in designing your bead art jewelry designs; especially if you want to go a bit more commercial.  Typically, the colors forecast by Pantone are the most prominent for the fashion Season – like where haven’t we seen Turquoise?

But it’s a really good idea to check the Pantone website often as they often have a color of the day or color of the month or some other color pallets which I’m sure will inspire you creatively!


Pantone-Spring-2010-Turquoise2 Pantone-Spring-2010-Turquoise

Turquoise 15-5519

Pantone-Spring-2010-Fusion-Coral-161543 Pantone-Spring-2010-Fusion-Coral-161543-3

Fusion Coral 15-1543

Pantone-Spring-2010-Eucalyptus-15-0513 Pantone-Spring-2010-Dried-Herb17-0627

Eucalyptus 15-0513

Dried Herb 17-0627

Pantone-Spring-2010-Violet-163320 Pantone-Spring-2010-Violet-163320-5

Violet 16-3320

Pantone-Spring-2010-Pink-Champagne-12-1107-2 Pantone-Spring-2010-Pink-Champagne-12-1107

Pink Champagne 12-1107

Pantone-Spring-2010-Tuscany-161219 Pantone-Spring-2010-Tuscany-161219-3

Tuscany 16-1219

Pantone-Spring-2010-Amparo-Blue-183945-3 Pantone-Spring-2010-Amparo-Blue-183945
Pantone-Spring-2010-Aurora-120642 Pantone-Spring-2010-Aurora-120642-2

Aurora 12-0652

Pantone-Spring-2010-Tomato-Puree-181661-3 Pantone-Spring-2010-Tomato-Puree-181661

Tomato Puree 18-1661