Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bead Stylist: Bead Colors for Fall / Winter Bead Art Fashion Jewelry Designing

My color collages for this Fall / Winter fashion and bead art jewelry design season.

While working with these colors and selecting some of the coordinating beads, bead mixes, sequins and embellishing cords; I was really taken by how the obvious may not be so obvious this fashion season.

Case in point. You might think that Creme Brulee or Nomad will be the neutrals for of the season; but Iron is really a strong front runner.

Pairing Honey Yellow with Iron is oh, so lovely – and it seems that  more and more designer’s are using Iron or varying shades of this color as the neutral or primary color in their designs.

I will post in more detail which items are in my color collages. I have a few more to pull together, but this is a good place to start. 

Pictured below: Majolica Blue, Honey Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Nomad & Warm Olive.

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The Bead Stylist: Pantone’s 2009 Fall / Winter Fashion & Home Decore Colors

Which one will be your favorite this season?

PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Honey_Yellow_1143 PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Warm_Olive_1544
Honey Yellow Warm Olive
PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Nomad_1212 PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Rapture_Rose_1929
Nomad Rapture Rose
PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Burnt_Sienna_1544 PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Majorca_Blue_4125
Burnt Sienna Majolica Blue
PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Creme_Brulee_1006 PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Iron_1306
Creme Brulee Iron
PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_Purple_Heart_3520 PANTONE_FCR_FALL09_American_Beauty_1759
Purple Heart American Beauty